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Medical Malpractice

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What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice often occurs when a patient is harmed by the a healthcare provider that fails to provide appropriate treatment or neglects to take necessary action to inform a patient of a medical condition or provides inadequate treatment that causes further harm, injury or death to the patient. The unfortunate reality of most medical malpractice cases is that in many instances the damage could or should have been prevented had their doctor properly intervened.

The common misconception about medical malpractice is that it’s a rare occurrence, but the unfortunate truth is that is not the case. Medical malpractice cases can be missed and often times patients may not even know that their doctor is liable for medical malpractice.

The reasons medical malpractice can occur isn’t always due to blatant misconduct on the part of incompetent practitioners. The root causes can be small and subtle mistakes that lead to drastic consequences. It could be a clerical error, such as a doctor should have been made aware of a medical condition and wasn’t. A health care facility takes on too many patients and overlooks something because they lack the capacity to provide a correct standard of care. Perhaps they are just not aware of all processes involved regarding certain treatments and procedures due to simple complacency. However big of small, these mistakes can lead to devastating outcomes and unfortunately, many patients lose their lives or become incapacitated as a result.

The most common type of malpractice or negligence frequently involves a medical mistake. It could be an error in diagnosis, seriousness of a medication dosage, health maintenance, treatment, or after-care.

If you believe you are the victim of medical malpractice call the medical malpractice attorneys at Rimland Law.

Health care providers are heroes in the eyes of the public and the vast majority of them do their diligence to provide a high standard of care for their patients. However, when a health care provider deviates from accepted medical practice and injury or death of a patient occurs as a result of that deviation from the standard of care, the health care provider can be liable for their actions. Under these circumstances, the patient is entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of earnings. A spouse or other immediate family members like the parents may also bring a civil action on behalf of the injured party if they are minors, incapacitated or deceased and can recover for their current and future loss of ability, pursuit of happiness and loss of earnings.

Common examples of medical malpractice handled by Rimland Law include:

  • Surgical Complications and Mistakes
  • Birth Injuries Suffered During Labor and Delivery
  • Failure to Correctly Diagnose or Treat a Serious Medical Condition
  • Severe Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Inappropriate Medical Provider Behavior
  • Prescription Drug Errors
Medical malpractice lawyer in NYC

At Rimland Law, we understand that victims of medical malpractice are suffering emotionally, physically and financially. That is why we take great care to treat each of our clients like family. With honesty and compassion, we will review your possible medical malpractice case from every angle. Bringing you justice is our utmost priority. Our attorneys will gather all evidence and investigate every detail of your case to give you the best possible chance of a successful litigation.

In Medical Malpractice cases, families and the injured are often facing very large and powerful medical institutions with vast financial resources. These institutions will do everything in their power to have your injury claim fail and live with the catastrophic injuries or death that health care providers have caused through their negligence.  We understand the complex nature of medical malpractice and how to fight these forces for the outcome you deserve. Through unwavering and tireless dedication, the attorneys of Rimland Law utilize every possible resource in order to bring justice to the injured in their quest to right the wrongs done to the injured.

Rimland Law consults with respected medical experts in many specialized fields to weigh in on your case and advocate for your side of the story. We have the resources necessary to find key aspects of your case that might otherwise be lost to a less-experienced attorney.

Don’t leave your medical malpractice case to just anyone. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of medical malpractice, the premier professional medical malpractice attorneys of Rimland Law can assist you. We will determine if you have a medical malpractice lawsuit, and in a caring and easy-to-understand manner, explain what your rights are and if you might be entitled to compensation.

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