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Finding The Best Construction Accident Attorney In New York

Construction work is far and away New York City’s most dangerous profession. Even though the construction industry only makes up 5% of the workforce, it accounts for 27% of all work fatalities. The exposure to heights, heavy machinery, power tools, and more all pose a risk for injury and death. With a profession this dangerous, injuries are bound to occur and these injuries should not go unreported or uncompensated. The losses associated with construction accidents can be incredibly expensive, and if you suffer one you should file a claim with your employer to ensure your physical and financial well-being. The sad fact is that not all employers and insurance companies are willing to step up and do the right thing when a construction worker on is injured on a job site. If that happens to you, you should seek a consultation with a legal professional as soon as possible. You should know your rights and a construction accident lawyer in New York can help you make sure your rights are protected.

If you are injured in a construction accident and you need compensation then you really only have two options:

  1. Go to you employer and try to handle it on your own
  2. Hire a professional construction accident lawyer near you to represent you

While you may not want to hire a construction accident attorney, you should remember that not hiring one can lead to even more significant losses. There could be legal questions about the situation that caused your injury that you may not understand. There can be other factors that you are unaware of and negligent parties that need to be held to account. There may be previous violations on the job site that you cannot access. Following are some reasons you should consult with a construction accident attorney as soon as possible.

Reasons Why You Should Consult With a Construction Accident Lawyer

  1. They Can Help You Find the Real Value of Your Claim

When a person gets injured in any situation, usually the first person they will talk to is a representative from an insurance company called an insurance adjustor. It is their job to decide the value you of your injury claim and pay you accordingly. However, they may not be giving you everything you may need to retain your quality of life. Their job is to make sure that the employer and the insurance company pay you the least they have to and get you sign a waiver that you will not pursue the incident any further. An experienced construction accident attorney can advocate for you and get you the most compensation possible. If they find that your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence and depending on injury, your claim could be worth from thousands to hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars.

  1. They Can Hold All Negligent Parties Accountable

An experienced construction accident lawyer knows how to identify all the other parties that contributed to your accident. There could be multiple negligent parties involved that you are unaware of like other contractors, subcontractors and management companies. Their extensive experience in the industry equips them to gather all the relevant pieces of evidence that can build a solid liability case. Therefore, consider hiring a lawyer with a significant understanding of construction site laws that determine if an injury is due to the equipment malfunction, a safety violation at the site or lack of adherence to common construction practices.

  1. They Will Help You Handle Insurance Companies

As mentioned before, insurance adjustors are professionals and when dealing with them it is good to have a professional on your side as well. Dealing with the medical issues and recovery, or even funeral expenses due to the construction site accident can be emotionally exhausting. Fighting for fair compensation on your own can be even more overwhelming. You can permanently relieve the burden by hiring a reputable construction accident lawyer in New York City. They have practical knowledge and experience in communicating and negotiating with insurance adjusters to ensure rightful compensation. 

  1. They Can Fight for Your Rights 

If you feel that your rights are being neglected, then hiring a professional construction lawyer can immensely help. They will navigate you through your alternatives and advise the appropriate steps that you should take if your employer refuses to acknowledge the claim, misfiles claim paperwork or is simply slow to file your claim. They will also help you pursue claims for things like loss of income and pain and suffering.

In New York City, Choose the Professional Construction Accident Attorneys at Rimland Law

If you have been injured in a construction accident and you need experienced representation, you should contact Rimland Law for a free consultation today. They have over 40 years of experience and countless favorable outcomes in construction accident cases in the millions of dollars. 

Rimland Law’s remarkable results speak for themselves. In one example, Mr. Rimland won a $2.1 million dollar settlement in a case where a construction worker was injured at a worksite in Manhattan. While demolishing tile flooring, a piece of tile struck the worker in the eye resulting in partial blindness in one eye. Through an exhaustive investigation of the worksite and interviews with other workers on the site, the team at Rimland Law found that the workplace was not compliant with OSHA safety standards and was able to procure compensation for the worker.

In another case, a construction worker suffered a neuroma in the foot which caused pain while walking. The case went to trial in Manhattan and resulted in an excellent settlement. After an appeal and particularly intense litigation, the best offer the insurance gave prior to trial was $250k. After an exhaustive investigation the ultimate resolution for the worker was $1.2 million dollars.

Rimland Law are professional construction accident lawyers near you that have vast experience in construction accident claims. They can offer you a free consultation on your case today.

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