Construction Accidents

Finding the Best Construction Accident Lawyers in New York City Can Be Stressful

If you or a family member have been injured in a construction site accident, you must contact a qualified construction accident lawyer in New York. Every moment counts when it comes to preparing a successful case against the liable parties.

Thankfully, the Personal Injury Attorneys of Rimland Law have extensive experience representing workers injured in construction accidents.

Injuries to an individual’s spine, traumatic brain injuries, severed limbs, and even death can occur on construction and industrial sites, leaving workers and their families emotionally and physically traumatized and financially ruined.

Construction Site Debris Trips & Falls

Ladder Accidents

Scaffolding Accidents

Electrical Burns & Electrocutions

Construction Machinery Accidents

Forklift Accidents

Excavator Accidents

Bulldozer or Crane Accidents

Compressor Accidents

Falls Due to Holes in Construction Work Surfaces

Elevator Shaft Fall Accidents

Demolition Accidents

Excavation Accidents


The Best Accidental Death Lawyers in New York City for Obtaining Justice.

The attorneys of Rimland Law understand this trauma and are here to help working men and women who have suffered catastrophic injuries from construction site accidents. We comprehend the unique challenges of representing those who have sustained these injuries and are here for you every step as we work towards successfully resolving your case.

We are known as the best accidental death lawyers in NYC. Because the construction accident lawyers of Rimland Law are skilled, experienced, and compassionate, we have a well-deserved reputation for obtaining justice for our clients in ways that respect their situation and humanity.

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The construction accident lawyers at Rimland Law aggressively and strategically prepare for each case as if it will go to trial. Because of this, most negligent parties choose to settle the case rather than stand up in court against our exceedingly skilled attorneys.

When a case must go to trial, Rimland Law will do everything possible to obtain the most favorable outcome for you. From your first free consultation to the courtroom, we are here for you, providing legal prowess, superior legal services and understanding. Hire us for professional accidental death lawyer in New York City.

Because construction-related injuries can forever impact an individual’s ability to work, we pursue every legal avenue for compensation for you and your family, from employer to site-owners, subcontractors, material suppliers, manufacturers, and others who may be liable for your worksite injury.

In addition, we are here to help families of workers killed in construction or industrial-related accidents because they may have the right to sue for wrongful death.