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Notable Personal Injury Verdicts & Settlements

With Over 40 years of Experience, The Personal injury Attorneys at Rimland Law Have Won or Settled Many Million Dollar Lawsuits and Personal Injury Cases
Recent Case Highlights:

2022 Personal Injury Case Results

Premises Liability Settlement $2,950,000

Our client was awarded $2,950,000 after suffering a serious head injury after being struck in the head by a door falling from its frame.

Construction Accident Settlement $950,000

Faulty equipment on site led to a partial amputation of our clients finger. After rejecting numerous settlement offers construction accident lawyer Glen Ahlers helped our client recover a settlement at trial that far exceeded any previous offers.

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement $450,000

After being hit in a car accident our client sustained herniated discs and was awarded a $450,000 settlement at trial.

Medical Malpractice Settlement $1,200,000

Our client received a settlement at trial after our medical malpractice lawyers established that doctors had failed to timely diagnose lung cancer. Causing irreparable harm to our client and their family.

Construction Accident Settlement $650,000

Our client was struck by a devastating blow after an object fell and landed on his shoulder. His injuries required surgery and extensive physical therapy.

Slip And Fall Settlement $375,000

$375,000 was awarded to our client who tripped and fell on a sidewalk in Harlem, resulting injury to the right ankle requiring injections and physical therapy. Through research and attention to detail, it was found that the sidewalk had not been repaired in some time and there were numerous violations and attempts by NYC to have the property owner fix the sidewalk. The property was found negligent and the case was settled before trial.

2021 Personal Injury Case Results

Construction Accident Settlement $1,500,000

Construction worker fell from scaffolding at a worksite in Queens, resulting in an ankle fracture requiring surgical repair and further surgical repair of the wrist after development of tenosynovitis

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement $1,250,000

Motor Vehicle Accident in which our client was struck by a speeding NYPD vehicle resulting in injuries to his neck and back. Mr. Ahlers’ skill and experience cover all areas of Personal Injury law. He procured 1.25 million dollars for a client who was struck by a speeding NYPD vehicle resulting in catastrophic injuries to their neck and back. After reviewing the police vehicles camera recording, Mr. Ahlers was able to show that the vehicle was unnecessarily speeding at the time of the collision and was therefore at fault for the accident.

Personal Injury Settlement $150,000

Inmate at New York State prison facility was awarded $150,000 after sustaining knee injuries after a fall.

Construction Accident Settlement $800,000

Construction worker injured in Queens when his jackhammer malfunctioned causing injury to his shoulder and knee requiring surgical repair.

Premises Liability Settlement $375,000

Custodian at school in Harlem slipped and fell on wet floors in school resulting in tear in the left knee requiring arthroscopic surgical repair

2020 Personal Injury Case Results

Personal Injury Settlement $950,000

Our clients came to us after being rejected from several personal injury firms, none of whom could see a path to winning the case. We saw an opportunity for victory, and after a year of litigation, our opponents realized they were in trouble and forfeited the entire insurance policy.

Construction Accident Settlement $750,000

Client fell while assisting his landlord with repairs on the roof of the apartment building. Troublingly, the owner denied his ever having been charged to work on the roof of the building. After a particularly clever deposition examination of the defendant-owner, in which we were able to force the truth from the defendant, we won our client a mighty recovery for his injuries